For the Autumn half term holiday, we went to a family friendly hotel in Willingen, Germany which is a four-hour drive from our house in Brussels. We left the day after the girls had participated in a Halloween trick or treat parade round our neighbourhood (so the three-year-old had had sweets for the first time in her life) and on the day the clocks moved backwards. In retrospect this was not a great idea. All the three-year-old wanted the entire journey was more sweets, and she woke up at 5:30am for the first three nights of our four-night holiday which was fairly gruesome given the buffet breakfast (and therefore coffee) didn’t start till 7am. The Sonnenpark hotel was amazing though, so well geared up for children with multiple outdoor and indoor playgrounds, child friendly buffet section, guinea pigs and rabbits and horses on site, swimming pools and a baby pool + water slide and childcare included, so it felt like Hugo and I could have a break for the first time in seven years! The town itself was nice too and surrounded by hills with cable cars & ski lifts & mountain bike lifts (which I did not know was a thing, but apparently is and there were lots of mountain bike trails down the hills), so we got to do some nice walks without the girls complaining the entire time as they were safely ensconced in the Happy Club!

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