Pantomime Cartoons

I’ve been involved in a couple of pantomimes with the English Comedy Club in Brussels since I moved back here in September 2013. I met my fiancé during the first one, which was Jack and the Beanstalk, a classic- he played the baron and I played his daughter Jill who is rescued from the giant by Jack, and I was pregnant during the second one Aladdin so pantomimes hold a special place in our family!

I drew cartoons that summed up the cast experience for both pantos as presents for the amazing directors (Conrad Toft and Henri Collins), and the Aladdin one was published in the programme. I’ve also done a couple as presents for my fiancé..

Aladdin 2015- In rehearsal
2. D of H 2015
Diary of a Housewife 2015- Pantomime tips
363- Pantomime roles
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk Panto Dec 2013
panto baron
Life of a Repressed Pantomime Baron

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