This morning I have mostly been .. making a London splotch

I wanted to blow up part of postcard 17 of London into a larger watercolour, and this is the result. I like the abstract pattern I’ve made of the buildings, but i think I should stick to acrylics when I do big paintings! (I also later decided I wanted to update postcard 17 because iContinue reading “This morning I have mostly been .. making a London splotch”

St Pauls Cathedral

Inspired by my own work (What!?! I hear you cry? You are recycling your own work after only 2 days of the ¬†artathon challenge? This does not bode well! Do not fear dear blog readers I have plenty of ideas, just wanted to get painting watercolour versions of my London acrylic painting out of theContinue reading “St Pauls Cathedral”