Art Exhibition

8 years ago, when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, I started painting a lot. I had just moved to Brussels to live with my husband and wasn’t working because I was recovering from repetitive strain injury in my arms that I got from my job as a Sustainability Consultant in London. I found painting therapeutic, and because I could control how much I painted each day and take frequent breaks it didn’t aggravate my arm muscles too much.

I’ve always had an interest in buildings and architecture, and I used to mainly paint cityscapes. Usually I’ll do a sketch and small watercolour painting or use oil pastels to try out different colours, before then doing a larger acrylic painting. Since the birth of my eldest daughter and then the birth of our second daughter I’ve not had so much time to paint, and I’ve concentrated mainly on drawing cartoons about my daughters. However, during the lockdown in 2020 I restarted painting but this time only things I could see from the window. Below are two of these paintings ‘View from the window’ and ‘The garden in autumn’:

Last month I submitted these two paintings for the exhibition of local artists at Woluwe St Pierre Community Centre. It was really nice to go to the exhibition and see my work up in a proper gallery for the first time and see how talented so many people in our local community are, and as a bonus I sold both paintings!

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