Cartoons from when she was little

We still only really have videos of my daughter saying ‘Look!!’ or ‘Want to see it!’ and it terrifies me how bad I have become at picturing things in my minds eye. I feel like it’s something ten years ago I could do really well, and feel like whoever I was thinking about was inContinue reading “Cartoons from when she was little”

My final facebook post

Dear facebook, This is it. This is goodbye. The rot set in several years ago when I stopped being interested in stalking my ex-boyfriends and your primary function for existing was lost, then you started harassing me with slipper advertisements, and finally this article by John Lanchester in the LRB ( has me terrified ofContinue reading “My final facebook post”

The old private school/state school debate in the modern age..

   I will not be sending my daughter to private school. Not because I can lay claim to any principles, or because on a more practical level I cannot afford to, or because I intend to join a bumfight to get into a good schools catchment area when we return to the UK,  but becauseContinue reading “The old private school/state school debate in the modern age..”