Change our relationship to TIME

In my last blog post I wrote about how I always feel like I don’t have enough time to act on the climate crisis because of the daily grind of our parenting routine. I think our whole relationship with time needs to change to tackle the problems we are facing, which in turn requires anContinue reading “Change our relationship to TIME”

Individual to collective action

After my long blog post about how necessary it is for those of us in the top 20% of incomes who create 70% of C02 emissions to change our lifestyles┬áI’ve been working on this image: Sometimes I think the link is lost between the fact that individual actions to reduce climate change (like eating lessContinue reading “Individual to collective action”

Dear CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) Journal,

┬áI’ve been a CIBSE member for over 5 years now, and whilst I do enjoy reading the CIBSE Journal it is somewhat depressing to have the same stories come up time and time again, for example the gap between building design and performance, another government scheme that is being scrapped (Green Deal, Code for SustainableContinue reading “Dear CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) Journal,”

Dear Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy, I’m in. I’ve never joined a political party before but the shambles of the referendum and hideousness of the debate from both sides has persuaded me that politics is far too important to leave to politicians. You seem like the least politician like one of the lot, and actually interested in democracy soContinue reading “Dear Jeremy Corbyn”

Our Energy Dilemma

In a roundabout way this is why I think we are allowing fracking under Yorkshire despite the incontrovertible evidence of the immediate harm pollution from burning fossil fuels causes (from the smog in Beijing to gas flares in Nigeria to illegal levels of air pollution in London), and the overwhelming likelihood that carbon emissions fromContinue reading “Our Energy Dilemma”