Change our relationship to TIME

In my last blog post I wrote about how I always feel like I don’t have enough time to act on the climate crisis because of the daily grind of our parenting routine. I think our whole relationship with time needs to change to tackle the problems we are facing, which in turn requires an over haul of all our routines.

We need to SLOW down and move to a four day working week so people have more time to take care of themselves and others, and can travel more slowly and reduce the amount they consume and waste by instead repairing and mending and maintaining and repurposing the things they already have:

We need to switch to an energy system powered almost entirely by renewables and instead of that energy system trying to match supply to demand, have our demand match the supply as it fluctuates with the weather:

We need to adapt to the changes that have already happened (more extreme weather fluctuations, increased heat waves during summer, a global pandemic etc) and change school timetables and daylight savings time and adopt more flexible schedules depending on the weather:

How do we get from the time we have now that is hurtling us to disaster to a time which is slower but also less repetitive, less able to be pinned down to fixed routines? Unless we do it deliberately we’re going to be forced into it as fewer and fewer people are healthy enough to work and more and more areas and populations are hit by extreme weather events and everything grinds to a halt.

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