Your dream holiday…..

I’ve been feeling a bit low on ideas and inspiration and general ability to sit myself down and actually do any art of any kind for the past couple of months. I kept thinking I should really be trying to go back to work and use my qualifications in engineering and sustainability instead of wasting them, despite how difficult that would be here a) with my lack of french and/or Dutch b)my ongoing repetitive strain injury that would probably flare right back up at work and c)what changes that would mean for our daughter in terms of childcare… and then I don’t know what hit me because now it seems really obvious that what I should do to use all my abilities is more environmentally themed cartoons with none too subtle messages about climate change.

Here’s the first one:

Flying cartoon 071118

Really amazingly, the day I posted this cartoon on Twitter I was contacted by the president of the UECNA (a European wide¬†umbrella organisation for people overflown by aircraft and suffering from aircraft noise and emissions) and she wanted to buy the rights to the cartoon. I’ve allowed her organisation the right to use the cartoon free of charge as I’m so pleased that she thought it could be useful, but I’ve kept the copyright to the image so I can grant permission for other organisations to use it too if another suitable one contacts me.

I’ve since done a follow up cartoon and a friend has helped me to translate the original cartoon into French, in the hopes that it can be used in the local fight here against Brussels Airport’s illegal night flights.

Flying cartoon part 2

French flying noise cartoon


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