Trying (and failing) to cut down on meat

One of my new years resolutions was to only order vegetarian food in restaurants and to learn more vegetarian food recipes so I could cut down at home too. I lasted about 3 months ordering only vegetarian food at restaurants, then 3 months of ordering vegetarian/fish dishes and then after that I gave up and went back to just going for my usual restaurant options of beef or fish. In my defence, living in Brussels there are very few vegetarian restaurants and very few vegetarian options on the menu of other restaurants and practically zero vegan options.

I have added a few vegetarian recipes to my repertoire at home, but have been stymied by my husbands dislike of chickpeas, lentils and beans which are pretty common staples of the vegetarian diet.

I want to give up/drastically reduce my meat and dairy consumption for a host of environmental and ethical reasons, but aargh it’s just so hard!! I need HELP!

Giving up meat part 1Giving up meat part 2Giving up meat part 3Giving up meat part 4


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