I drew sketches of these cartoons or wrote down little snippets of ideas for them during the first couple of years of Sarah’s life, but have only just had the time to ink and paint them (she’s nearly 4 now) :

22_meeting your friends baby23_talking about the birth

1_labour part 12_labour part 23_labour part 34_labour part 45_post labour high6_so glad you were early7_red button part 18_red button part 29_week1 vs week 210_first time taking her outside11_go to sleep12_things i didnt know about being a mum13_transferable skills part 114_transferable skills part 215_transferable skills part 3

16 _transferable skills part 4

17_toddlers like footballers part 118_toddlers like footballers part 219_parenting

20_talking baby part 121_talking baby part 2

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