Final trip to the Belgian coast summer 2021

De Haan Take 3

As a the final part of our three part summer holiday to various places within Belgium we went to De Haan for 3 nights. We stayed in a cosy flat in the middle of town that was decorated with a maritime theme which I feel we helped to enhance by bringing in large amounts of sand from the beach in our shoes.

It wasn’t the most relaxing holiday as on the last day our car got towed away (we didn’t realise there was a brocante on in the public car park where we were parked that morning) and our youngest didn’t sleep very well, but we did get some sunshine and it is a lovely beach at De Haan.

Our elder daughter insisted on listening to Scratch Garden ‘We’re going to the beach!’ on repeat on the drive there, and all throughout the holiday she was ‘singing’ it – look it up on Spotify it is hilarious (the first time, not the the 100th time).

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