Learning how to use baby merchandise..

Yes, yes I know. As a pregnant couple we are now the targets of multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for all the baby merch that we supposedly need, and yes we have succumbed to some of it without really knowing what we are doing. And so our evenings, which should be spent going out as muchContinue reading “Learning how to use baby merchandise..”

Pregnancy Food Diaries

Being pregnant I have been poked and prodded, had countless blood tests and learnt to pee on demand (quite easy when there is  a tiny person resting on your bladder). I’ve also been questioned about my weight way more than usual, and not really from my Gynaecologist and midwife which I was expecting (my midwife’s onlyContinue reading “Pregnancy Food Diaries”

Getting out of bed when pregnant

It is a palarva getting out of bed each morning. It started in about month five of pregnancy and has just gotten worse since then!  Also I think I may struggle a bit more than some because my arms are not very strong and so I sort of have to balance and push off withContinue reading “Getting out of bed when pregnant”

How not to go Pram Shopping

My boyfriend and I are a salespersons dream when it comes to baby items. For anyone who wants specific details- we were overwhelmed by the choice in Orchestra (a giant baby shop out in the ‘burbs of Brussels, where yes they do actually have a cobbled path and fake grass to test out the pramsContinue reading “How not to go Pram Shopping”

Third trimester blues

I’m struggling with my pregnancy more now that I’ve past the 32 week mark. I’m feeling nauseas again (doctor says its probably because of the reduced space for my stomach and digestive system) and I’m tired all the time which is very frustrating when I want to get things done before the baby arrives. Urgh…Continue reading “Third trimester blues”