I’ve always loved reading cartoons and comics and my Dad used to get me to copy them to practice my drawing when I was small. I used to draw cartoons in class (usually of the teacher dying in some horrible way related to the subject that they taught  – I was quite dark when I was younger) but I hadn’t done any for ages until I escaped from the corporate world a couple of years ago. On here are some random ones I’ve done since then (about my struggles with RSI, How to Save the World and Strictly come dancing to name but a few), some related to holidays I’ve taken, pantomimes I’ve acted in, my friends pets and my cartoon diary that is in desperate need of updating now I’ve had the baby!

Pantomime Cartoons

I’ve been involved in a couple of pantomimes with the English Comedy Club in Brussels since I moved back here in September 2013. I met my fiancé during the first one, which was Jack and the Beanstalk, a classic- he played the baron and I played his daughter Jill who is rescued from the giant … Continue reading Pantomime Cartoons

Pet Cartoons

If you have a favourite pet you would like me to paint a watercolour cartoon of let me know @lescapeartist .

Random Cartoons

A selection of random cartoons I’ve done over the past couple of years

Holiday Map Cartoons

I haven’t done it for every group holiday I’ve been on, but recently I’ve been trying to do a cartoon map of the country I’ve travelled to that sums up the trip.