My cartoon diary of my first pregnancy and my daughter’s early years, up until my second pregnancy (the due date is July 20th 2019 so all cartoons will probably stop then for a while!):

9. Still pregnant

3. Kegels

13. Maternity jeans

6. DOwnsides of being pregnant 2

7.Upsides of being pregnant (2)


5. Cravings (2)

1. Panto while pregnant 2

8. Stimulating baby's IQ

10. Hands off the bump

12. Things you can't do while pregnant14. Baby acrobatics15. Third trimestre

16. Pilates17. Buying a pram18. Napkins19. Pregnant woman's food

20. Prenatal classes

22. Baby advice

23. Getting out of bed

24. Shine

25. Baby products

26. Birthing dream27. The Labour

28. Post labour high29. So glad you were early30. The red button31. Week 1 vs week 232. Outside for the first time33. Energy use to keep baby sleeping34. Talking baby35. Things I didn't know36. Transferable Skills

56. poomageddon

57. Look look37. Toddlers like footballers38. It must be love

39. Her room

40. Her first words

41.First rule of playgroup

42.I win

43.Education and the internet44.Share

Public transport system English

Electric cars English

Cyling dangerously English

45. Rainy sunday

46. Meeting a friends baby

52. Mums night out

48. Beard cycles

58. Early days of pregnancy

49. Second pregnancy50. Enjoy the moment

51. New sibling


54. Waddling55. Toddler tantrums

60. Meeting up with friends

61. School fete

62. Night out

63. final stage of pregnancy

63. Pregnancy blues

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